David Schulze

Artist Bio

Following my first painting lesson in the summer of 2004, I was immediately aware that there could be no more fulfilling way for me to express my creative energy than by making paintings.  Since then, I have studied painting and drawing with highly respected artists in Dallas and northern New Mexico.  The work and writings of American masters of landscape painting, including John Carlson, Edgar Payne, and Richard Schmid, have been a great inspiration to me.  A lifetime of creative experience in other mediums, including textiles and wood, informs my current creative expression.

Most often, I choose subjects for my paintings that have a personal connection because I believe that they add an element of authenticity to my work.  I enjoy painting subjects from life outdoors, en plein air, as often as possible.  When I am not able to paint a subject from direct observation, I work in my studio from my own studies, sketches, or photographs. Color harmony is important to me and I enjoy the challenge of working with a limited palate and mixing my own colors.  

Composition is another important aspect of my work.  I prefer not to bind myself to the classical rules of composition, but being aware of those conventions does inform the placement of elements in my paintings.  Patterns of light and shadow are of great interest to me and they play a vital role in my work.  The physical act of placing paint on canvas with a brush is one of the most immediate and tactile joys of making a painting.  Brush strokes that are visible in a finished work add interest and help provide the viewer clues about how the painting was created.

My work is consistently included and featured in local, regional and national juried exhibits.  I am a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Outdoor Painters Society, and have been designated a Signature Member of the Texas Visual Arts Association.

I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration from UT Austin and a law degree from Baylor and  believe in the value and importance of community service.  I am a member of the Leadership Dallas class of 2005, have served on the Board of Directors of Big Thought and of DIFFA/Dallas, on the Steering Committee of the Emergency Artist Support League, and as organizer for the 2010 North Dallas Artist Studio Tour.

David Schulze

Fine Art

Dallas, Texas

(214) 616-6890